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About Greentech

Created by: Greentech Admin, Last modification: Thu 17 of Oct, 2013 (10:53 UTC)
We're a not-for-profit DIY Sustainable Technology Collective born out of Cambridge. Some of these words get banded around and misconstrued so we'll define them for clarity’s sake;
  • Not-for-profit - All money we make gets ploughed back into the organisation.
  • D.I.Y - as in Do It Yourself, not only practically, but by taking responsibility for yourself and seeking an understanding of the things you interact with.
  • Sustainable - an impact rate our environment can maintain.
  • Technology - using discoveries appropriately.
Our primary aim is to inspire and educate, ourselves and others about ways to live sustainably. We believe in being open and have offered the reader our Constitution for how we function as an organisation.

Contact Us

Tel : 07830 330 188
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Contact Us


Tel : 07830 330 188
Join our website